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How does the process work?

We are the People’s Car Dealer and we are here to help you buy a nicer newer car. If you share thirty minutes of your time with us we can generally find the PERFECT deal for you.

  • STEP #1: You’ve already taken the first step by coming to The People’s Car dealer. Good decision!
  • STEP #2: Work with one of our experienced auto finance experts. We will take the time to put the PERFECT deal together for you. We don’t offer cookie cutter solutions. You deserve better than that.
  • STEP #3: Pick out the PERFECT vehicle that works for your lifestyle and your financial situation.
  • STEP #4: Gather any documents that are required by the lender if you are financing. At the top of this web page you will find our BHPH Finance Package that lists all the documents you need if we are financing the purchase for you.
  • STEP#5: Sign the paperwork and drive away! If you bring all of your paperwork with you the entire process generally takes 30-60 minutes.

My Promise

I’m on a mission to put the fun back into buying a car and bring respect and responsibility back to the car business. I’m fighting for you. I’m challenging my fellow dealers to clean up their acts and put truth and honesty first and profits second.

I’m a firm believer that if you treat people with courtesy and educate them with the most complete information available, they’ll be empowered, they’ll be more informed and they’ll become your customers for life.

Bottom line, you deserve to be treated with respect and honesty when buying a car. And that’s what I’m promising. I’m not in business to sell cars to make a quick buck. I'm in business to sell cars to find great people who will stay with me for life.

I want to build a relationship with you… a relationship that adds value to your life… one built on trust and mutual respect… a relationship that will end your search for an honest car dealer and finally give you a dealership you feel comfortable doing business with for life.

My name is Rick Renfro… I’m The People’s Car Dealer® and I can’t wait to meet you.

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